Cooking pasta by Icons8 Team from Unsplash

Making of a blog: an intro


February 13, 2021

1 min read

What do software development and cooking have in common? They are both my passions. They are two activities that are helping me a lot coping with Coronacene.

Cooking have recipes and ingredients list. We can document tech project can and describe them to reproduce them. I recently decided to make my own blog, starting by buying my own domain. It took me one year from that day to find the energy to actually develop it. I kept track of the journey to share with others willing to ~~make pasta~~ create their blog.


📃 The content:

🎨 The design:

📈 Analytics:

🚚 Importing my articles from Medium:

🎯 Centering a div:

🚀 Deployment:

In the following articles I will share in details how I mixed all of the above to create this website. Stay tuned!